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Upbringing, Szilvia’s Story

Szilvia was born in communist Hungary in Eastern Europe at the end of the 70’s. As a child Szilvia never traveled abroad and did not see the seas or the oceans until she was in her early twenties. Her holidays were spent with her parents mostly at the Lake Balaton, often referred to as the “Hungarian Sea”. Lake Balaton with its calm and murky waters could not contrast more with the stunning colours and energy of the two places she calls her home now; the gorgeous island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean Sea and Cascais in Portugal, right by the Atlantic Ocean.

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Szilvia gets her inspiration from her experiences of living both by the calm and crystal-clear, turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea on the beautiful Island of Mallorca and from her home in Cascais, near Lisbon, in Portugal, where she often walks along the rugged unspoilt coastline witnessing the vast, powerful and sheer strength of the Atlantic Ocean. Nowhere else is it more powerful than in Nazare where the true physical power of the force of Nature is at its most raw with its giant waves.

Szilvia’s experiences of walking along both contrasting coastlines, Atlantic and Mediterranean, especially during the Covid lockdowns, has had an enormous impact on her and has created a deep spiritual connection and profound love for both majestic and inspiring environments. These waters’ constantly changing colours, both powerful and peaceful, with their dynamic movements and moods, are reflected in her ocean-themed artworks that are all unique pieces of art giving a luxurious and contemporary feel to any interior

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Szilvia’s Art

Szilvia is a contemporary, fluid abstract artist using mixed media. She has experimented with numerous techniques and various kinds of mediums and paints, but acrylic paint has turned out to be her absolute favourite. What she is passionate about and finds exhilarating in her art process is that there is always some degree of unpredictability and spontaneity of the final outcome of her artworks. While she has strong control over the movement of the paints and the selection of the colors, it is not entirely possible to plan the final outcome of the artworks and therefore all her paintings are totally unique and could not be reproduced. She trusts the movement and the flow of the acrylics in her creative process. It is this surrender to the flow of the creativity through her and her artistic medium that has made fluid art her favourite painting technique. This is due to its creative spontaneity and to the fact that the final piece many times exceeds her expectations, turning out to be more beautiful than even she could have imagined at the beginning of the art process. It is this journey of creativity from the inner flow of her being through the medium of her art to the final artwork on the canvas that cements her appreciation and love for the inspiring creative experience each piece of her artwork represents to her.

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"I continue to be inspired from my experiences of living both by the
calm, crystal-clear, turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea"
and the vast, powerful Atlantic Ocean.

Szilvia Vazquez

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